The CSR Forum

In January 2013, at the request of our members, we started a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Forum, one of the very few such groups in the UK.

At its heart, CSR means that a company should behave in a responsible and beneficial way towards all those on whom its activities have an impact: these may include the society and community in which it is located, its workforce, its supply chain and customers, and the wider environment.

Companies often focus upon their community, giving monetary and practical aid to charitable causes (corporate philanthropy) or on environmental sustainability. However it could be argued that CSR also extends to such matters as ethical sourcing, diversity/disability in the workplace, training and consideration to employees needs.

This forum is designed to recognise opportunities within our community and unite businesses from around the business park to work together towards their individual goals and CSR Policies. The forum meets quarterly (March, June, September & December).

Voluntary Action Elmbridge assist the Forum by matching a charity’s need with an organisation with the ability to deliver that need. VAE publish a ‘wish list’ of requirements from Elmbridge charities that can range from second hand mobile phones to pro-quo accountancy skills. View the full Wish List.


The dates of the next Forum meeting is…



Any business is welcome to attend if it is located in Elmbridge and either has a CSR Strategy or is looking to develop one.

Please email if you would like to attend.


Members of the Forum can expect to…

  • attend quarterly Forum meetings
  • meet other businesses with CSR policies, share experiences and deliver projects together
  • meet sustainable suppliers, council initiatives, charities and suitable organisations to help fulfil their policies
  • be active in the community
  • have their projects, articles and policies (on request) posted to the Business@Brooklands website


Get involved…

If your business would like to become part of the CSR Forum and you have policies you’d like to fulfil and share, please email: or call 01483 475540

For a list of the CSR Forum members, click here


Recent Projects

A few projects are in the early stages of development including a support and team building platform to clear the undergrowth from the run down parts of the banking and a seminar programme to deliver money management advice to students at Brooklands College.

More exciting news to follow …

Get Involved!

If your business would like to become part of the CSR Forum and you have policies you’d like to fulfill and share, please email: