Article Writing Tips

Press release writing is nothing less than an art and must be written from the perspective of a potential reader. If you were the audience, would you read or skip? Apply these rules, and you might have more success in getting your news ‘out there’…


Is the article interesting and newsworthy?

Remember that people don’t want to read a sales pitch or company synopsis, but something current or informative. Even better is if you have done a good deed for someone else or a charity.


Start strong, and cut to the chase.

Always lead the first paragraph with the most crucial information about the subject. Never start with the beginning of a story; quite often you can start with the end result and recap after. You must capture the audience’s attention within the first 10 words!


You WILL have competition!

Be aware that your first audience might well be an editor of a newspaper or magazine so you need to impress them first. Just remember; they get hundreds of press releases so what makes yours better than the next?


Stick to your word count!

Keep your article short and to the point with crystal clear facts. If you have been given a word count then stick to it! The editor reserves the right to ‘edit’ your article and there is more chance of them doing that if you waffle or make it too long.


Catchy headline.

If you can think of an enticing headline, use it. The editor may have their own but it’s worth spending the time on this, as it can attract their attention and save them time.


Make it easy to get published.

Ensure you include as much information on the press release as possible and separate the actual release from the ‘editor’s notes’. Captioning and crediting photos, individuals’ contact details, a word count, web address etc. are all crucial to making the editor’s job easier, thus giving you more chance of publication.


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